A SDR-receiver from the italian SDR developers community:

low-cost “Software Defined Radio” full coverage receiver for all HF bands, 50MHz (6m Band) and 70MHz (4m band), used with powerful software on the PC for multi-mode operation

! Updated 11/10/15: Downloads & Documentation PMSDR Application examples (also as PDF)
Price / Availability Gallery: Final aluminium enclosure (with LCD-version)
Downconverter Board for PMSDR Listening samples (7-Zip compressed) WAV-files recorded with PMSDR2.1 (please use WinRad or HDSDR to listen this
SWITCH Board for PMSDR PMSDR on Linux FC11 Screenshoot
FilterBoard for PMSDR  
PMSDR2.12 vs. PMSDR2.2 noise comparison
WinRad + PMSDR2.1 Screenshoot (with a 16bit AC97 Sound Card)
PMSDR as remote receiver via Internet – WebSDR PMSDR – Group on Yahoo!
PMSDR at the HB9FX Remote Site Hochwacht 160m-Band – WebSDR  
Modification for PMSDR2.12 Product Reviews
Using the SoundBlaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro USB with SDR receivers Using the audio galvanic isolator with SDR receivers
08/03/2014: New DLL 3.8 rev5 Release with new features and bugfixes: features
31/10/2013: Windows 8.x USB drivers for PMSDR
21/09/2012: New PMSDR firmware release V2.5.0 Release with a bugfix: features
06/08/2012: DLL 3.8 rev2 for PSDR-IQ & G8JCFSDR with support for the  Filterboard
18/04/2012: PMSDR fair attendance and new preselector board (Filterboard) presentation: PORDENONE (ITALY) 28th-29th April 2012
28/03/2012: Update Application  Setup for CW Skimmer
22/04/2011: New english user manual for the PMSDR
19/04/2011: New german user manual for the PMSDR (to be print on A5-format)
03/06/2010: New optional (VHF/UHF)-Downconverter for the PMSDR


The PMSDR is a small, low-cost, HF bands full coverage “Software Defined Radio” receiver that use a computer USB port and delivers I-Q audio  signals to the PC’s sound card and one of the few SDR-receivers with full coverage from 0,1 to 72 MHz. It was designed by Martin Pernter IW3AUT and it’s similar to the “SOFTROCK XTALL project”, but with some improvements and many features. This way a great many hams can listening all shortwave bands that can be achieved by having just a low cost hardware working with a lot of powerful (free) software on the PC. A powerful DLL Interface provide the PMSDR as bidirectional tunable Panadapter, and many possibilities to interface the PMSDR to other software and/or transceivers.

Supported SDR Software:
Software Version PMSDR
supported through:
Description O/S
Studio 1
1 Extio_PMSDR.dll A professional SDR software (by SDR Applications) WinXP/Win7
WinRad 1.33 Extio_PMSDR.dll The original….. (by Alberto, I2PHD) WinXP/Win7
HDSDR 2.13 Extio_PMSDR.dll (by Mario, DG0JBJ), a special version of WinRad V1.32 optimized for Netbooks and with many other additional features WinXP/Win7
Linrad 4.01 Extio_PMSDR.dll (by Leif Asbrink, SM5BSZ) WinXP/Win7/Linux
SDRSharp 212 Si570-USB Mode (need PMSDR-Firmware 2.3 or higher) a open source SDR software, with wideband
image rejection (automatic I/Q correction) and a wideband-FM Demodulator
WRplus   Extio_PMSDR.dll (by Sandro Sfregola), a special version of WinRad with powerful DSP improvements and and additional FM Demodulators WinXP/Win7
PowerSDR-IQ 1.12.20 Extio_PMSDR.dll
for PowerSDR-IQ & G8JCFSDR
PowerSDR-SR40 1.9.0 Si570-USB Mode (need PMSDR-Firmware 2.3 or higher)   WinXP
SDR-Radio 1.2 Si570-USB Mode (need PMSDR-Firmware 2.3 or higher) (by Simon, HB9DRV) GmbH : with digital data decoder, Internet remote control and many more WinXP/Win7
Rocky 3.7 Si570-USB Mode (need PMSDR-Firmware 2.3 or higher) with wideband image rejection WinXP/Win7
CFGSR 2.3 Si570-USB Mode (need PMSDR-Firmware 2.3 or higher) a powerful configuration tool WinXP/Win7
G8JCFSDR 248 Extio_PMSDR.dll
for PowerSDR-IQ & G8JCFSDR
DSP-RADIO 3.7 Si570-USB Mode (need PMSDR- Firmware 2.3 or higher) (by Sebastian, DO8SAM) MacOs X 10.5
SDR-SHELL 2 PMSDR control utility for Linux   Linux
Mode (need PMSDR-Firmware 2.3 or higher)
ROS 6.5.8 Si570-USB Mode (need PMSDR-Firmware 2.3 or higher) by José Alberto Nieto Ros (Setup PMSDR in Configure->Rig , some soundcards need to swap the input “R<–>L” or “L<–>R”) WinXP/Win7
WSPR 2.11 Si570-USB Mode (need PMSDR-Firmware 2.3 or higher) by Joe Taylor, K1JT WinXP/Win7


System Interfaces Block Diagram

Comparision table for PMSDR2.1x and PMSDR2.2:

  PMSDR 2.1x
Frequency range 0,1 –
55 MHz
0,1 – 72 MHz (including the
6m and 4m Band
QSD-Bias variable fixed
additional filtering
(can be added through the  modification) YES
This additional filtering
reduce the span of the peak at the center of the spectrum
LCD-Contrast variable variable
+ stabilized
The stabilized contrast
control voltage give a better contrast stability over a higher USB
supply voltage range
Supply voltage
(can be added through the  modification) YES
The supply voltage filtering
reduce spures and the noise level from the usb power supply
Clock divider
(Johnson Counter)
High Speed
( tPD=3.6ns typ.)
( tPD=1ns typ.)
The new Johnson Counter permit
higher clock rates and more flat phase response at higher frequencies
I/Q – Output
current limiter
A protection to avoid failures
on the I/Q output buffer stage
(can be updated by RF SYSTEM or through a PIC programmer interface)
The firmware-update can be
done through the new bootloader without opening the cover of the
overvoltage protection
Overvoltage protection at the
mixer  input
Dimensions 80x100mm 100x100m
(compatible to the enclosure kit and PMSDR2.1x)
Adapter Board for the LCD-option


– Continuously tunable within the entire HF-spectrum: standard tuning range: 0,1 – 72 MHz
– Extendend tuning range up to 165Mhz with reduced sensivity (by 13dB@144MHz) through the 3th
harmonic mode – Sensivity (MDS) @72MHz = -121dBm (0,2uV@50Ohm)  (soundcard: EMU0202, (S+N)/N = 3dB and
BW=2400Hz SSB)

An external preselector is recommended for frequencies below 2MHz and for the 3th harmonic Mode.

– IF amplifier output clipping level: 2,45Vp @ -13dBm RF input level
– IF (I and Q output signal) bandwidth: 155 kHz @ -6dB
– Power supply : 5V / 155mA (+15mA with LCD module)
– USB2.0 interface (Full speed), only USB powered (no external supply are required)
– high speed divider CYPRESS CY22393 (for the tuning range from 0,1 to 2,5 Mhz)
– low jitter clock generator SILICON LABS Si570 LVDS (smooth tuning steps not available above 70 MHz)
– interface for optional LCD
– interface for optional boards (downconverter, preselector, switchboard ecc.)
– 3 Bandpass filter on board + 1 Lowpass filter on board + filter bypass (broadband input)
– IF-Chain with rail-to-rail OP-AMPS for 5V
– I/Q outputs for PC Sound card
– PIC18F4550 Controller with USB-Bootloader
– DLL support trough USB interface for Winrad by I2PHD, PowerSDR-IQ and other SDR applications
– PCB: dual layer, 100 x 100mm


PM-SDR  Hardware Block Diagram

The PMSDR2.2 board assembly:

PMSDR board description

The PM-SDR Receiver  is a 100 x 100mm circuit board that use the PC’s sound card and USB port (for control and 5V power).



A preassembled kit and more are available on RF-SYSTEM ‘s webshop.

For other questions please send me an email.




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